By Juliann McCandless
Photo by Claire Milbrath

Photo by Claire Milbrath

Originating from Vancouver and currently based in Montreal, Walter TV is a progressive psych-pop collaboration between three longtime friends, 20-somethings Pierce McGarry, Joe McMurray, and Simon Ankneman. Their eccentric vibes are contagious. Here, we catch up with McGarry to find out what they’ve been up to – we’re into it. Hope you are too.

How would you describe your music? 

I would describe our music as a deeply moving biopic loosely based on Sade's life.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Some of our inspirations for the music are getting our hair wet, kneeling down in grief, living, and Taco Bell.

Perfect. Who is your visual inspiration in terms of the videos that you put out, etc.?

For my video stuff I get pretty inspired from old Richard Linklater stuff and from the timing of the piece I'm working on. Whether it be music video or narrative, it's all about the beats, so I shoot a ton of stuff and whittle 'r' down to the beats! 

Chartattack mentioned your “Pukka Shell Necklace” video as best video of the week, amongst artists like Toro Y Moi, Kendrick Lamar, and Pusha T. Was that exciting for you? What was the idea behind the video? It seems like a psychedelic, tropical form of collage art. Who was the creative behind the concept? 

Yeah, it's always exciting when people are stoked on something I've done. It's cool to know it’s getting around and people are watching or listening or experiencing osmosis. I came up with the idea behind the video, and it is that there's a bunch of tight bros who are riding some exclusive wicked waves, then a meteor hits and only one survives. He needs to get his puka shell necklace back from his old bros who are now tribal zombie men. What a struggle! Am I right? 

The struggle, we feel you. You started in Vancouver moved to Montreal and are now living in Los Angeles. What's your take on East Coast versus West Coast?
Parts of the East Coast look like Jurassic Park, misty and tropical, and full of old looking birds. The West is where they filmed The Twilight Saga. 

Truth. Do you think that moving to the East Coast affected your musical creativity? 
Moving to the East made a big difference on our music – totally tumultuous and gnarly! It was like being killed by slow moving vines. But hey, we made it through and thank you God!

OK, so, what can we look forward to?
We’ve got a new album out and a couple of EPs coming soon. We got a tape record label called Water Records with a bunch of new bands, and a VHS to our last album with all the songs set to video! Pretty exciting times! Woohoo!