Tommy Genesis

Photos and interview by Juliann McCandless


First and foremost tell me about your new album, this is your first album right?

My first album World Vision dropped in July but you can expect a whole new project before I go back to Atlanta in October.


Dope, what was it like to put it together, has it been a long time coming?

It took a few months, but only because I wanted to be sure about it, and then when I joined Awful, I dropped it.


Tell me a bit about how you started with Awful records, has it changed the game for you?

Father asked me to join Awful in February I think? There's no other rap collective like Awful. It's sort of like making music alone versus making music with a group of people who are into what you're into.


Cool. I wanna talk a bit about the content of your lyrics. I feel like a lot of them are very sexualized. Is that a representation of who you are?

I feel like I rap about alot of things- including sex. But obviously sex is what most people are drawn to and can probably relate to the most..


Haha yah for sure. Are you a very sexually explicit person in your day to day?

Yeah I am, we all are! And I make sure to have sex on the daily lol.


Same lol. so you value sexuality? What are your sexual views?

I think that each person is entitled to their own sexual identity. Whether you’re timid or loud about it, it all depends on what you want and how you want it.


Do you connect sexuality and love? What are your views on love and monogamy in this generation?

I do. I think monogamy is underrated. I can't fuck with more than one person at once, and I think love and sexuality can exist without each other, but when they're together it either makes you or destroys you.


Due to society’s constraints on women I feel like it’s harder for women to be sexually explicit without being judged, what do you think?

Sure, I mean you can apply that to a lot of subjects though. If there are constraints they've been broken down and built back up. I think it's better to just be yourself and operate with blindfolds on to a certain extent.


I like that! Ever since i've met you, I’ve always seen you as a woman with everything going for her, what are your current struggles or have you had any struggles you’ve had to overcome in the past?

I really don't see it like that! I grew up an awkward tom boy and kinda just fit into a random slot that allows me to make music. As far as struggles go, everyone has their own..


Yah for sure. Do you think  you are a confident person?

Yes, but I can also be shy.


Do you think it’s more difficult to be a female rapper in a male dominated industry?

I'd say if anything being a female sets you apart.


Ya, Who are some women in hip hop you look up to? Or women you look up to in general?

In general, any woman who architects her own future.


You are a poet, what’s your creative process like?

It mostly just comes out of me like vomit.


We did a shoot together recently and you killed it. I know you model for Lorde Inc. The agency that is trying to diversify the fashion industry. Have you ever struggled with feeling like a minority or had any negative racial issues?

Just when I was little, now not so much. Being part Tamil and part Swedish I have two very different sides to me, culturally. Most people just want to know what mix I am, but every now and then someone will discriminate racially, but those types of people will hopefully die off soon once mixed race hybrids take over the earth.


Haha hell ya girl! How do you feel about being a part of a movement like Lorde Inc?

I always support change and my friend's endeavours. I'm proud to be apart of what Lorde Inc. does.


Cool, do you see yourself moving somewhere more accommodating to your career?

I'm a child of the internet so I never really feel like I'm in one place. I always feel like I could live everywhere and nowhere at same time.


How else has the internet affected your life, or your work?

The internet is everything. It makes the impossible so possible and easy to do, it allows you to have an idea and execute it instantly.


For sure. so, You went to art school, do you feel like that contributed to who you are creatively now?  Is what you were doing at school very different to who you are today?

I took film and sculpture in art school, I still do film editing and to a degree I still make conceptual art. To me music just came with a more diverse audience.


Where do you draw inspiration for your music?

Anywhere and everywhere. The internet, my dreams, girls I don't know, girls I do...

Nice. What’s your ideal collaboration?

Drake, Uzi or Ca$h Out.


What are you most proud of to date?

My first album World Vision


What's next for you?

World Vision 2


Thanks so much for your time boo, so proud of you and everything you are doing! Do you have any last words ?

New video for 'Hair Like Water Wavy Like The Sea' just dropped, check it out :)