Kumasi Sadiki, Quinn Arneson, Kahim Smith

Kumasi Sadiki, Quinn Arneson, Kahim Smith

By April Keller-Macleod
Photo by Daniel Haney

San Francisco transplants Kumasi Sadiki, Quinn Arneson, and Kahim Smith have been making waves in New York ever since their LES doors opened just over a year ago. Collaborations with artists and designers alike, these boys continue to show us why The Good Company isn't just a store, but a creative space where ideas are taken to the next level. Their latest collaboration is with a cafe down the street, home to the most delicious year-round strawberry lemonade, which they've paired with Hennessy to create the shop's favorite pastime drink: The Lenny (pictured). – Monica Rojas

Visit the shop at 97 Allen

Who is The Good Company?


The Good Company seems to be more than a clothing store – it blends art with fashion. What's the vision behind your company?

Where is the line between art and fashion?

What artists inspire you as a collective? 

What is your involvement in the art community? 

What are some emerging artists and musicians that have caught your attention?

What zines do you carry? What's your connection to the people behind these publications? 

You've recently dropped collaborations with Dertbag, Yung Jake, MellowHigh, and aNYthing. What do you get out of these collaborations?

Who would you like to work with in the future?