"MIC tunin' in and droppin' out, somewhere in Arizona."

"MIC tunin' in and droppin' out, somewhere in Arizona."

By Ryma Chikhoune

The story goes: singer Michael Ian Cummings and drummer Noah Rubin were longtime friends, who had talked about forming a band in New York City. They met English guitarist Josh Hubbard at a house party in L.A., and as they tell it, had that "debaucherous 'let's start a band' conversation." A couple of months later, after Hubbard moved to N.Y.C. from London, they met up with bassist Dan Burke, and SKATERS was formed. They played shows around the city, and by the end of the year, released an EP (Schemers) and signed to Warner Bros. Records. They're now touring around the world, off the heels of their debut release, Manhattan. Recorded in the Village's iconic Electric Lady Studios, the record, true to its title, provides "tales of the city where they met." Here, the band shares thoughts and moments through exclusive photos of the North American leg of their tour. Manhattan is out now. Take a listen below.

It was great seeing you guys kick off the tour at your record release party at the Bowery. How did it feel playing in front of your family, friends, and longtime fans?

That was a great night for us. We had been talking about the release show for so long. It went by super quick. It felt like we were on stage for 10 minutes. 

How's the tour going?

It's been pretty mental. 30 performances in 25 days, including radio and stuff. The shows have been full of great surprises and sexy people.

"At the GoPro house in Austin, TX. show five of eight in four days. Whew! They tried to strap a GoPro on Noah, but we were like NO WAY DUDE."

"Getting weird at a college radio session."

What's been the most memorable show so far?

L.A. was a blast at Satellite, and I think Chicago at the Bottom Lounge was another standout performance. We're in Canada for the first time right now playing Montreal and Toronto, pretty pumped.

Are there any rules on tour? Who's the most likely to break them?

No, but we need some! Once they are made, I'm sure Josh will break them immediately. 

 "Josh going for his green card, Cleveland, OH."

 "Josh going for his green card, Cleveland, OH."

"This is us jamming out to our song 'Deadbolt' when it played on KROQ LA. Go us!"

"Art in an alley, Montreal."

What music have you been listening to on the road?

The new St. Vincent record is a great headphone jam, also been listening to Angel Olsen, Waylon Jennings, Chris Kristofferson, and Frankie Cosmos.

Any favorite foods, go-to meals?

You just gotta go with what they do best locally, I find. 

"Sandwiches, Austin, TX."

"Thrifting in Cleveland, OH."

What do you usually end up doing after a show?

Grab a beer and maybe rip a cheeseburger, if there's a good one around. We refer to our George Motz Burger America book. A must have.

Any weird, humorous tour moments you can share?

Came close to all getting thrown in jail! That was really cool. NOT.

What’s next, after the tour?

We'll chill for a minute in New York and write some new songs. Then, we go to Europe and Australia this summer. Party on dude!

"I think this was Montana or Idaho.  Shit, I don't know, but we busted weirdo/emo poses, because we'd been in the van all day."

"West Texas. Just us and some trains."