granville island mix by RegularFantasy


Images provided by Olivia Meek

Olivia Meek aka Regularfantasy (who is one half of BOBO eyes) is a twenty-three year old student of visual culture, situated in Vancouver (Canada). This is the first installment of a two part mix by Regularfantasy, exclusively for IRL.

The mix is inspired by surfing the internet and honing in on specific sounds in Japanese music - mainly within the genre of "techno pop". The  mix includes synths of all kinds, drum machines, drum kits, guitars, flutes, vocals and sound effects. Although the focus of the music is in the 80's, the mix is timeless. The Granville Island Mix aims to help you at work or while you are just doing everyday things, by making your time a little more interesting and taking you on a trip up and over to "the other side".