Mr. B

Interview by Stephan Ricard  //  Photos courtesy of B-Rad    


So what do you go by ?

I have many names but i feel like B-rad is a good middle ground. 


Oh cool I’ve seen you go by Mr.B too.

Well yeah i did that back at the start of college because i didn’t want anyone to know my name incase any of my girls ran into each other lol. I used to be a real fuck boi.


We were all fuck boi’s at one point.

Actually that can be said about my upcoming solo show. Being a fuckboi, or being an ex fuckboi. i love that word. You know being happy with oneself in a way. Nowadays women are owning to word that once was ugly they transformed into their own meaning. Its all mental really, everyones human. Fuck Boi is kinda like an asshole (and it gets to us) its perfect because it evens the playing field. I’m playing off that in my work. With these painting series i'm inspired kinda by Dekooning, like he was a real fuckboi, Pablo too.


Would you consider yourself one

Oh hell yeah! hahaha. I put this one my Facebook and i still think its true. “I’m trying to have the energy of a fuckboi but not have to fuck anyone over” Im done playing over people and shit. I’m just trying to make art, smoke a little weed, eat my food, go to sleep and repeat. I don’t really believe in karma 100% but bad vibes do go back around. All positive vibes. I think my main priority is to be the best New Yorker i can be. if you can make it in NYC you can make it anywhere, as cliche as that sounds.

I went to school for 6 years, i can’t be this cookie-cutter, basic workhorse that has to constantly respond for this boss. Its good to make money but whats good for your soul? A lot of people don’t have the balls to be like alright make shit but also eat bananas and Goya black beans everyday. 



So what made you, Mr.B? 

I was looking at the village voice and they have a lot of provocative images in the back (Call Girls) for massages and such.. Im a cheap-o, always a cheap-o, so i got to thinking this "is some good stuff". I had a really good scanner and i arrived to this one image that i found so incredible. It was perfectly cropped with the iconic heart shaped shirt and boobs, asking to be loved and shared, totally on accident. Actually, when you blow it up you can see the halftone created by the printer. I thought it was really cool and Impressionistic. If i could get someone to stop and really look and appreciate this image then i did my job.



It got my attention. I thought it was cool really cool "i'v never seen this before".

Yeah, you know there are some other aspects that i always think about. Since I’m from Ny there is a ton of street art everywhere. Growing up I would see all of this around soho and other places and think "damn", I wanna do this shit. You know, stepping into Urban Outfitters and looking at the Banksy book is so fucking wack, I wanna make my own mark on the city. Then again its so hard to do it because there are so many people coming in. 

It was around sophomore year I was so tired of putting this shit on tumblr i mean, i had a following but even so. I said fuck this, im going outside and putting shit up. i want to make an impact, like i don’t have many instagram followers or whatever but you know my fucking image. But knowing im part of the urban landscape of things is much more enticing. 

This is the shit i think about everyday. ITs a sacrifice but every time i put a piece up, its a new rush, a push to continue.


Yeah I've seen you everywhere nowadays!

haha thats what my ex girlfriend told me her boyfriend said. its a crazy


Have you thought about selling your art?

I’m trying to man 


Ever thought About applying for an artist residency and such?

I have but a lot of those people don’t fuck with me. I feel like because when you think of street art, you think JR, Banksy but there’s so much other shit. I mean NYC graffitti itself, they don’t play no politics,  they do it for the love, take a pic thats it, cool. 


You try to take the same approach to your work?

My approach is the same really, I put shit up, take a pic and people have a conversation about it. There is a high i’m trying to reach in my work. Its similar to that first image I made. Evoking, attention holding, there is some power to it. The worst thing in art is boredom, not feeling anything. I do it for the love and excitement, exploration of it all.  


Hell yeah! thats what its truly all about. Thank you for this time dude. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah! make sure you all come out to my Third solo show (Lust Fuckboy) Curated by Antonio DelValle Lago. Saturday, March 5th at 51 Orchard st in Lower East Side 6-10pm. I enjoyed it.  Anytime bro