By Monica Rojas 
Photos by Wyn Herrick
Bondage by Bunny Lee

While Labanna Babalon has gotten most of her attention due to her ass, the philosophy of the Internet’s self-proclaimed sexually awakened woman is one that blends the harnessing of sexual and creative energy with that of the mythology of Babylon. Interactions with alien beings and visions come to her – she’s fed her interpretations of these encounters to the screens of thousands. If you didn't know her, now you do. Meet Labanna Babalon. 

What are you up to these days?

Life as a play.

What’s this we hear about you transforming into a business lady? Are you leaving your music making and twerking behind?

My mythology of the ass being the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge now, physically embodied by the Internet, will remain. I always have been on to the next thing, and the plethora of white twerking rappers is oversaturated enough.  This, however, does not mean, by any means, I give up on music. For music, as a sigil, is very effective in this day and age. I see the modern day superstars not as individuals at all. They are marketing conglomerates.  The intention is what I pursue to change. I will not partake in any structure that illuminates particulars.  I believe we all can shine. I also see corporations trying to keep up with this mass awakening to our inner illumination. I foresee that they will no longer support the matrix succubus. Instead, they will jump on the green wagon of self-sustainability and co-creativity, because survival dictates so. 

You’ve gotten quite some attention since your interview with Vice…

The Vice article was part of an inevitable wave regarding our constant surveillance and life perceived as an online movie. Sharing via social media has taken over entertainment. The celebrity conglomerates are trying their very best to be part of it, but that is not possible, because they are not theirs anymore. That is part of dying slave and master system. The number of times that one of my fans has pointed out my musing on that scene is so plentiful that at this point it is irrelevant. It is obvious that there is very close eye on those that are the current day muses and cultural architects.  The more important question is what are we going to do about it?

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Do you think the internet has formed a place for female sexuality to thrive in a positive environment or has it become a place for women to be objectified?

I love woman’s rights! I have come to understand that in any step towards evolution, there will always be individuals taking two steps back, using a watered down version that is obviously misunderstood.  People are used to mediocrity. They love it when people exhibit traits of failure glorified. It makes them feel better about where they are.  This trait is not all encompassing. People are waking up, and a big ups goes to the internet, because it is the training wheel to telepathic communication, which puts a serious kink in lies. The biggest lie in the book is that you can be objectified, that you are someone else’s. This does not have to happen. We can be masters of ourselves.  

Are Blue Flame and Magic City performing art centers or strip clubs? Where do you draw the line, and what is the biggest misconception people have of you?

The assumption that upsets me the most is that when stating that I do sexual healing that it pertains to any of the fields already established. Yes, I have done research in sex work. But the world I'm pursuing to manifest is not one where sexuality is bought or sold. I have had many opportunities to capitalize off that alone. Instead, I stand grounded in my dream of a future where all women can own their sexuality, taking the shame away, thus reclaiming the power of the pussy. I think we could get all tesla with our life force and make free energy for everyone. The root chakra needs to be unbound. Dance especially that of undulating hips is a great way to rise your kundalini. I twerk, because it’s a ritual I’ve been doing since I was 11.  It has nothing to do with a trend. I’m dedicating to this powerful rite the female spirit has to excite such electricity. I suppose part of my work is also to reflect one's immediate assumption that someone is a whore, establishing a conversation of the overall prostituting mentality capitalism has to offer.  

Can you explain orgone energy?

It’s the universal life force originally coined in the 1930’s by Wilhelm Reich, but it’s had many other names, chi, pranic, and more. I don’t really want to use this energy…I want to help free it.

How can we access some of this energy? 

It’s everywhere; you just have to will it. I would love to figure out a way to make it visibly harnessable. 

What does your post-apocalyptic world look like? 

My fantasies of end of the world are complex. Mainly what I focus on in my visions is not at all the destruction but the communities that are forced to arise amidst the chaos. People’s compassion levels are risen and self serving behavior is frowned upon. We are warriors destroying all limitations of love. Love is the law. 

I want to hear more about your encounters with higher beings. Tell us about “that one time...”

That one time is many times too personal, scary, life changing that they need more than a blurb. What I can say is I have battled many entities, a demon made of ashes shaped like pitbull, glowing grey alien, insectoids, and illuminati reptilians. I have won all my battles first and foremost, because in those moments, I recognized my strength and no one, not even monsters, can take it away unless I will it, because I am backed by love – the universal life-force. I’ve been preveed to secrets that pertain to Wilhelm Reich's research.  He was able to harness that energy and shoot it up into the clouds and make it rain. He was a victim of America’s largest censorship that destroyed most of his research.  I think those orgone boxes very much like the modern day house, a sky scrapper, or the tower of babel, used to take our life force energy, which creates the matrix. Yes, just like the movie, you would be amazed how many things are shown in Hollywood that are actually real day life events – it’s just not everyone is sensitive enough to see the more subtle differences. This is why I choose Babylon. This is where we were all dispersed, and now, it is time to come back together. My favorite paranormal experiences are ones that last years…that build up with synchronicities over time – creating such a tightly woven magic that it becomes impenetrable. My passion stems from this. The secrets whispered, and how to pass them on. The deepest truth is without words.  It’s the daily ritual symbolically leaking the way. Harry Potter and Pokemon are real life.

Tell us about your philosophy to muse each other, not use each other. How can people work together to advance in such a capitalist world? 

It’s a difficult transition to say the least. It’s like a highway filled with trash, where every small piece picked up by individuals helps. To muse each other is different than using one another, because the latter does not concern the bigger picture. The capitalistic mindset does not take into consideration the world at whole, only the profit of the moment for individuals. The muse is also always at the forefront of inspiration. To short change the muse only conveys whatever product conceived to be less of what it could be. To muse each other is to co-create existing in a world where no one owns anything, but everything all at the same time – thus having no limitations to make heaven on earth.