Interview by Juliann McCandles // Photos by Katrin Braga


Why did you start taking photos?

I started taking photos when I found my father's old film camera when I was sixteen years old. I didn’t have a job that summer and I was super bored so I started documenting my life. I think experiencing boredom is important because it makes you motivated to do something new. I hated school so I’m happy I found photography. 


Do you find your work is different now that you live in Canada as opposed to Iceland?
Yes definitely. In Vancouver there are way more people to work with and casting is more fun because there is more variety of people here compared to Reykjavik. It’s hard to work as a photographer in Iceland because there are less jobs and people aren’t as willing to actually pay you for your work. But Iceland has amazing nature and so many talented people to collaborate with.


Who's your favorite photographer?
I’m very into Robi Rodrigues right now but Diane Arbus will always be my all time favorite. 


Is there an ongoing theme or message in your work?
Strong female personalities. 


You work with a lot of women, how do you think this affects your work?
I love working with women! I very rarely work with men, that kind of just happened. I love working with and photographing powerful women and creating sort of a safe space where women can express themselves without any judgment.


What's your Favorite Icelandic food?
Lobster soup at Sægreifinn by the Harbour in downtown Reykjavik. 


What is the best place to go in Iceland?
Krysuvik or the fjords in Eastern Iceland. 


To always be creating something that I’m proud of and to surround myself with inspiring people. 


Who are some people you look up to or who inspire you?
My amazing friends. 


Thoughts and feels about 2016?
2016 has already been amazing,  I've been a part of very exciting projects so far. 
I’m currently in post production on my first mini documentary that I filmed with my boyfriend in Iceland last January. It’s about my grandfather and his life in rural Iceland, I'm excited to branch out and do new things this year. 


Cool! Do you have any Words of wisdom?
Jealousy is a silent killer. Girls are taught to be constantly competing with each other and tend to bring each other down because of jealousy. I want people to change that way of thinking and start embracing each other and be supportive, then we will be unstoppable. 


Yessss! What's your favorite shoot you've done so far?
Mall Rats for Vice. When me and you went to all the malls in Vancouver with Rhi Blossom, Tommy Genesis, Kristy and Magdalena and were constantly getting kicked out by security. It was worth it in the end. 



Anything else you wanna say?

Don’t vote for Donald Trump you fools.


Thanks :)