Photos by Rhianna Cooper // Written by Monica Rojas

The soulful artist known as Kali Uchis is a 23 year old singer and song writer born in Pereira, Colombia. Being raised in Virginia, she experimented with music, playing the saxophone and piano. Kali now lives in Los Angeles giving her the access she craves to studios and talent which keeps growing as she proves to be the next big sound in music. Hailing from a country that people tend to associate with drugs and violence, she helps to reform the dark perception of Colombia and proves that it is a country that not only offers a beautiful landscape and beautiful people, but also Births talent that is seen on a global scale. Kali’s melodic voice and bright persona combine to create a vision that can capture anyone's attention. Her music ranges through endless genres, it would be hard to seclude her to just one sound. Snoop Dogg and Tyler the Creator have collaborated with Kali on tracks that mix her soulful voice with their rap and hip hop backgrounds. After the jump is the video for "perfect"- her latest feature with Tyler the Creator.