HENRY GUNDERSON ON "+0-000-000-0000"

Photo by Sidney Gomes

Photo by Sidney Gomes


By Monica Rojas
Images courtesy of Ever Gold Gallery

    Having received his BFA from the Art Institute of San Francisco, Brooklyn-based artist Henry Gunderson, 23, creates masterpieces. Up close and personal or at a distance, you'll find yourself admiring his skill with every blink. His latest work, "+0-000-000-0000", refreshing and thought provoking, recently premiered at the notable Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco. We caught up with the talented artist, as he was home for a visit in the Bay Area for the opening.

    There used to be a lot of animal imagery in your paintings, but I don't see much of that in your aesthetic these days. How would you describe the feel of your current work?

    A lot of those paintings you're talking about I made when I was a teenager and some people in San Francisco ended up liking them. As a young artist, I though I had found my style and ended up making the same type of work until I realized it was repetitive and boring. I needed to expand and ended up fighting against that aesthetic a little bit, trying to do things that weren't expected from me, things that were a little more challenging, and that's led me to where I'm at now.

    Your new show premiering in SF is called "+0-000-000-0000". I noticed a couple of zeros in your paintings as well...

    The zeros are kind of a blank symbol that contain nothingness the same void nothingness that is the source of creation. As a phone number, it suggests a location and communicating with this blank location and a medium of communication. I'm also having fun making up symbols that seem almost like corporate consumer products that are familiar yet abstract.

    Tell me about your penis shaped rocks bolted onto your wall. What's the inspiration behind them? Are they individual pieces or will I have to buy the whole wall, haha? 

    The climbing holds are dick shaped and cover a whole wall. They are inspired by a social structure where people are willing to whore themselves to reach the top. The pieces are available individually.

    Can you explain the eight minute video you made (below)?

    The video is a guided prosperity meditation set to realistic images. The video overall has a dark energy to it and will leave you feeling enlightened and hopeless.

    Any shows in NYC coming up?

    I should be doing some group shows coming up. Will have more details soon.

    Where are you heading next?

    Back to New York!


    "Create in your mind an image of yourself enjoying something you want. Something you want to experience in your life right now. See it, feel yourself, having what you want, in its most perfect and complete state. You are in a place of deep magic. Enjoy this experience."