I N   T O   T H E   D A R K 

W I T H  G H O U L S

Interview // DaniloZ
Images // Sydney Gomez


For the last couple years we have followed underground artist producer Ghouls. If you haven't heard of him, you should. Coming from the dark depths of Boston basements, NY Witch House raves and Miami Hip Hop parties, we've seen Ghouls come up to master a unique sound of his own. DJ-ing to producing, he warped sounds to create his own trap sub-genre. Having fun and experimenting with Splitting hi-hats, deep bass & kicks and a flurry of poignant melodic keys. Recently playing at Boiler Room, Kinfolk and Tribeca Grand just to name a few. We sat down to get to know and explore his thoughts on his music.


Where is Ghouls from?

I’m From Florida, M.I.A. But i Live in Brooklyn now.


How did you start your career in music?

I started DJ-ing and shit around 3 years ago. I started producing around 1 year after that.


Is that how you began producing music?

The reason why i wanted to make music was because i was DJ-ing all the time in Boston. Starting off with my two friends playing a lot of basement parties that would pop off... but i got tired of playing other people's shit. I just picked it up off trying to be creative, and being inspired from a lot of the music that i listened to.


Thats dope, is that how your name Ghouls came about?

Ghouls is a name representative of myself that just came about making dark melodic music and i thought it fit really well.


Now your based in Brooklyn, what made you want to come to New York instead of going back to Miami?

New York is a dope city, full of creative people and is a completely different vibe from Miami. I came to New York i guess just to be inspired and keep on moving with what i was doing.

What do you usually draw inspiration from for your music?

I draw inspiration from my surroundings and the people around me. Sounds past and present that resonate with me. I've always loved hip-hop and thats what naturally comes to me. I love making just real hard shit.


That's awesome, Are you constantly recording things?

I record a lot of things not that i usually use the shit that i've recorded. People talking in the subway, or on the sidewalk or etc.


Nice, What kind of stuff are you listening to right now?

I listen to all kinds of music really but lately I've slowed down to just be creative in my own mind and just listen to my own music. When i do listen to music though its a lot of Fifty grand, Majid Jordan, Young thug, 808 Mafia, Zaytoven, Awful Records, CSPG shit, Goth Money and Denzel Curry. I've always loved grime as well, music coming from Triangle Records.


How would you categorize your sound?

I'd categorize it under HipHop. lol


Where was your biggest event thus far at?

In 2014 I played Boiler Room with Goth Money Records, and later on i played at Tribeca Grand...That was fun.


What do you want people to experience when they hear you?

Honestly I don't give a fuck what people are trying to experience. I pour creativity and love into my music and thats all i'd like in return. I want people to turn up to my music, do drugs to that shit. I want people to be like  "Woah, bring that shit back a sec" and then start cookin'.


What do you want from your work for the future?

I just wanna keep working and developing as an artist/producer...Just wanna continue putting out new music and work with as many dope artists as possible.


Are you interested in any other projects aside from music?

Ahhh noo, there are definitely a couple side projects comingup maybe like making videos / artwork for my tracks but nothing other than producing and Djing. Right now I'm working on my first EP.


Do you feel a strong connection to return to Miami because of your peers and the scene?

Um i do feel a strong music bond with Miami because i love all the shit coming out of there now, especially. Uh i just like it all and it happened to be my hometown. I do think its pretty dope movement and i do wanna be a part of it, but contribute to it in my own way and still work with everybody i know down there.





Whats your most popular track? I love "Yummy" personally. 

I like all the new stuff i've working on and put on Soundcloud but there are a lot of hidden gems. "The People You Love (GHXVLS Edit)" is really the most listened to. 


I liked them personally.

Thanks, There is a lot that going to come out near the end of this year.


So, you get your gigs online?

Yeah, I get most of my inquiries though email or through Facebook. I've met a lot of people as well who have listened to my music and want to work together.


Which do you see yourself more into Djing or Producing?

Well I like doing both a lot but they both draw different energies. DJing, your not playing for yourself. Producing for me is more personal. I'm def a “bedroom producer" I enjoy listening to every bit of a song and pulling these things together.


Well would you DJ the music you produce?

Hell yeah. I'm working on my stage presence haha, and being able to play my music live as well as DJ because I think those things are important. My music is becoming more and more ready for the public and I'm ready to put it all together and show it.