Photo courtesy of DJ Glover Junior

Photo courtesy of DJ Glover Junior

By Monica Rojas

Raymond Tracy Glover / 26 / NYC

Originally from Los Angeles, DJ Glover Junior has had booties poppin' on handstands in NYC for over five years now. His raw mixes will have you see Janet Jackson's "We Go Deep", which happens to be one of our favorite mixes off of his potato chip infused SoundCloud, in a whole new light. He made IRL a chill summer mix for that hot walk to the J train including tracks by Blank Banshee, Project Pat, Gangsta Boo & Sinjin Hawke, Sinden, Surkin, and others (hear it below). If you notice that familiar Super Mario sound fx, it's Glover Junior's signature in all of his mixes. In this interview, we learn a few things about the talented DJ:

What was your upbringing like? Who did you surround yourself with that influenced your current style and musical technique?

I grew up skateboarding, so I had a variety of friends that were all into different genres of music. I mostly listened to hip hop growing up just, because that’s what I was mostly surrounded by growing up with a dad who made hip hop beats. I got into making dance music after I discovered DJing, because it was more fun to mix, and I always had a thing for high energy music.

Who taught you the ropes?

Two friends of mine, Amika and Matt were DJing in LA, while I was living in San Francisco, and when i got back to LA, they taught me the basics, and I just took it from there.

What was the first big venue you ever played?

Probably Avenue NYC in 2010. I had never played on a sound system that loud before.

What are your biggest challenges as a DJ in NYC? How do you get over them?

Dealing with how saturated NY nightlife is and how everyone is just out to make money. There’s not much creativity or fun going into many parties anymore. I just lay low and do me, to be honest. 

How does Djing in NYC compare to Djing in LA? Which do you prefer? Why?

There are certain places in NY that are cool and “hip” that know their shit music-wise, then you have the group that are still requesting "Teach Me How To Dougie" in 2014. In LA, you don’t really get that many people that are so out of touch with music that it makes you want to kill yourself. To be specific, I prefer playing at Brooklyn warehouse parties where there are no rules, and people aren't just standing around drinking their cranberry vodkas trying to look cool.

How extensive is your music career? I heard you used to be a rapper?

Making music is just a hobby. It would be cool if it turned into something more than that, but I’m not pushing it that heavy. I’m just DJing to make money out here. I do have a strong love for DJing and still enjoy playing for crowds after all these years. I think the next step to that is getting a manager. 

Yeah, I was once a “rapper”...me and my good friends from Los Angeles had a rap group called DTF in ’06. That’s all I have to say about that.

True or False, you used to go by “Young Thirsty" ? Where did that come from?

Yeah, it was my Myspace name when I was a “Myspace celebrity “. I hate that name, and it will never go away. There are a bunch of people that still call me Young Thirsty, Young T, Young, Thirst, etc...

What kind of set up are you working with?

Reason and Ableton and a M Audio Axiom 25 Key MIDI keyboard to produce music.

What is your greatest memory as a DJ? Something crazy that may have happened? Or just an experience that really encouraged your career?

I don’t know. I really don’t have any. A guy once gave me $400 in cash to play one song. That was pretty memorable.

What was the best advice you ever got from someone?

“Do what you love and find someone that will pay you for it."

Any artists you're really fucking with right now?

I’m really fucking with everything that Falcons has been releasing. I’m pretty sure I put one of his remixes in the mix I made for you guys.

What kind of vibe can we expect when we go to see Glover Junior DJ?

High energy ratchetness with a hint of Fleetwood Mac.

What would be your dream gig?

To play somewhere in Vegas so that my dad can come see me play. He’s really proud of me and every time I talk to him, he always asks when am I coming to DJ out in Las Vegas. I haven’t seen him in a long time, so that would be a nice way of going back to visit.

Where would you like to be in a year from now?

Possibly back in LA, I don’t know...

What are your top 5 love songs?

FKJ- Lying Together
Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne- My Love
Tamia- More (J-LAH remix)
Plant Music- Luv 4 The World 
Justin Timberlake- Señorita

Any residencies these days?

Electric Room on Sundays & PHD rooftop at the Dream Hotel on Mondays.