Interview and Photos by Monica Rojas

When it comes to wanting fame, we think the idea of being important, making a difference, and being uplifting to others who appreciate you from across the world, is inspiring. We want to make such an impression on the world, that once we are no longer on the earth, we still live on. 

Please introduce yourselves. Name age occupation:

Hey everyone! Its Shannon and Shannade and we are The Clermont Twins. We are 21 years old. We are models , actors, and artists.

What was life like before being casted in The Bad Girls Club season 14?

Life before Bad Girls Club, we were bad girls! Haha, just kidding. We were and still are in fashion and design college and interning for a fashion brand. We always had a social life and always enjoyed modeling since we were 8 years old. We've worked with some great people before the show like Tyler Perry and Terry Richardson.

Bad Girls Club seems like a crazy experience, what is the most memorable part of the whole thing?

The most memorable by far is celebrating our 21st birthday on TV. It was such a great and crazy experience that we will never forget!

Is there anything that you regret about your experience?

We never regret anything, we just take it as a lesson learned.

What did you take away from living in the Bad Girls Club house?

Our unbreakable bond just became stronger.. If that's even possible! We also learned to never let anyone get to you down. People will try to talk about you in such a bad way to make you feel how they feel about themselves. Never let anyone tell you that you're not THAT BITCH!

What kinds of aspirations did you have growing up?

We had so many aspirations growing up. We had such a great childhood and we were always surrounded by artists and designers. We had dreams to be on TV and to be known in the fashion industry, we still have so many more goals!



What was the draw of being on TV or 'being known'? Why was that a goal for you? 

Our biggest goal is to have our own show. We want it to be more positive, something fun, interesting, and motivating for the youth who want to chase after their dreams and aspirations. Being on Bad Girls, we don't have control over how we are portrayed; having our own show would allow for people to get to know the real us. Also, graduating college and having a successful fashion line!

When it comes to wanting fame, we think the idea of being important, making a difference, and being uplifting to others who appreciate you from across the world, is inspiring. We want to make such an impression on the world, that once we are no longer on the earth, we still live on. When our grandmother passed away recently, people spoke on the difference she made to the community. We want to make a difference, be the best we can be, and help others understand that no matter what you choose to be or do, you can positively effect someone else's life, but of course make sure that you're happy because your happiness comes first. We also feel like we were made for TV. We are outgoing, we are funny, different, and inspiring. We are also great actresses, and see ourselves acting in a movie in the future.



From your work it looks like you guys are down for anything, is that the persona you want to put forward?

We definitely are not down for anything, but we are comfortable in our own skin and body. We feel like everyone should be that way and it all just depends on how you do it and how tasteful it is. We do like to push the envelope a little bit!


Is there anything you guys will refuse to do as far as modeling / acting?

We definitely are not interested in doing porn or anything of that nature. Though we are fairly open to different things, it just all depends on what it is, who it's with, and the level of professionalism and creativity.


I'm sure you guys receive a lot of crazy feedback, how do you shut it out and keep doing you?

People will always have something to say about everything! We simply delete and ignore. We never take anything personal because everyone has their own opinion. We refuse to entertain negative feedback from someone who is just behind a screen. Having confidence is key, people will always try to test you and make you feel unappreciative of your own blessings and opportunities.


Are there any misconceptions about The Clermont Twins you often hear that you want to set straight?

Absolutely! We have been accused of incest a few times, which is totally not true and disgusting... We just took a photo with our tongues touching, nothing more. The idea of the photo was to look like a mirror image, but of course people will exaggerate. People can't understand the bond between twins unless you are one and that's not something we can explain. Terry Richardson is someone who inspires us, and it's definitely an understatement to say how much of an amazing opportunity and dream it is for us to work with him!


Its amazing to work with someone who inspires you so much.  As I'm sure you are aware of, Terry Richardson tends to be surrounded by controversy. Specifically when it comes to women & taking advantage of the women he shoots etc. Where do you stand on this?

We learned that you cannot believe everything you hear, the best thing you can do is get to know someone for yourself before making any sort of judgement on them. Having the opportunity to work with Terry, he is very easy going, funny, and such a great person! We respect his work and craft. People who understand art, photography and fashion, will only understand his creative eye. Plus controversy is good, right? People get so wrapped up in the negative, and rarely ever pay attention to the greatness. You can't be so easily distracted.

What is the first memorable 'claim to fame' you guys can recall?

I guess it all depends on what you consider fame! I think as we started to be more consistent with modeling we became a familiar face to others. It feels good to know there are people out there that respect us an respect our work!


Do you guys prefer to work as a package or do you hope to create your own distinct careers?

We don't ever plan on working alone or separately. We enjoy working with each other and we always have and we plan on keeping it that way!


How would Shannon's career path differ from Shannade's if you were to take different paths?

That's a great question. We've never done anything that we both didn't want to do so our paths wouldn't be different, but the way it would've been done would be different. Since we are twins we fulfill whatever the other lacks, this is why we enjoy doing business together! We both have the same interests and goals.


Other than acting and modeling, what other kinds of goals do you guys have?

Our goal is to be the best we can be! Not settling for one specific field, but to literally do everything we put our minds to. We have many goals such as finishing our artwork that we've been working on since before the show (Bad Girls Club). Also to have our own show and come out with our own fashion line! All of these things are definitely in the works!



Fashion is a huge part of the Clermont Twins lifestyle, how would you describe your individual sense of style?

Our styles are very alike but we differ a little bit. Our individual sense of style is that Shannon is a little bit edgier and sexier, while Shannade is a bit 'girlier' and sophisticated.


How do you hope to influence your fans now that your spotlight is growing?

We want to show people that you can do whatever you put your mind to, be whoever you want to be and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We'll do this by showing there are young women who are boss bitches that can handle their own.


Does your family support the life you guys have chosen to live? Has it always been this way or did it take time?

We are very close with our family and they have been supportive in everything that we've ever done. We love them so much for that. Maybe that's why we're so confident! When you have a great support system it changes everything.


What was life like growing up? Were you ever bullied? Were there any major life experiences you can recall that may have shaped you into the women you are today?

We had a great childhood. We're the youngest of 5 and we've always been very close with our family. As far as school, we were never bullied. We were outspoken and always chose the mature route, we always stop people from bullying, which is why we think people respected us, because we never stayed in a certain crowd or clique. We got along with almost everyone.


What is something positive some of your fans would be surprised to learn about the both of you?

We see every tweet and we try to respond to every one of y'all!! You guys are seriously our motivators.

Do you have any crazy fan stories?

Shannon was at a Howard homecoming party that a close friend of our was hosting. I just walked out of a bathroom stall when a fan was right outside and freaked out when she saw me. She took a step back and started taking photos of me while I was in the bathroom washing my hands. Lol, it was awkward, I tried to tell her to stop taking photos but of course, she was excited and hysterical. I had to gracefully walk away without being rude.

What's coming up next for The Clermont Twins?

We won't spill all the tea, but we definitely have some great things in store.. Literally! Also, maybe see us on the TV screen again!