Interview by Monica Rojas

IRL had the chance to meet Bukk on his very first trip to NYC. The Florida-based rapper gave a hypnotizing performance inside LES' The Good Company, where the Allen St. boyz presented two exclusive shirts designed and printed using our favorite new multimedia platform, to.beLadies and gentlemen, Bukkweat Bill:


Lets start off by talking about you just getting an upside down cross in between your eyes. What does it mean to you? Why’d you get that? Upside down crosses have really been trending in the rap community lately.. Tyler, Fredo, etc.

Something I’ve wanted for a while because I felt it. It means a lot of things. I’m a fan of symbols. You know what I mean? I just looked up a little history about it and I liked the fact that people think of it as one thing and don’t know where it really came from. 

Where did it come from?

Saint Peter. What I read was that he thought he wasn’t worthy to die like Jesus so he said hang me upside down so I thought “woah that’s a crazy motherfucker” So he’s the first person to flip the cross upside down. Ever. I like that.

Do you feel like that?

Am I worthy? Nah not really but I just really like it.

At least we know its not because of Fredo. And you told me before that his is actually a target and people always think its a cross. I didn't know that.

So how’d u get started? Where are you from?

Canada, lol just kidding. I’m born in Texas, raised in Florida. 

How long have you been rapping for? Did you first start by producing beats?

I’ve been making music my whole life. I’ve been playing the drums in school. I was in band. I’ve done a lot of shit. I was in a marching band. Then I dropped out of band and dropped out of high school. I realized that after college, there is no job for marching band. 

When I was in middle school, I used to DJ in middle school then my turn table/ needles broke and my homeboy got Fruity Loops and I started making beats and never went back to DJing. And one day, I made a beat that I thought anyone could rap over, so I asked my friend first. We started fucking around in high school with a group called AH productions. We broke up afterwards though. After that, I just kept going.

You have a new EP coming out..

It’s called Lockdown at 11. It’s about how everyone shuts down and goes to sleep at 11. 

When’s that coming out?

Like within the next month. 

What were your goals when you started recording this time around?

My goal was just to show off my range because 8886 was just the same flow over and over kinda.

So now, do you think that you met your goal? Did it change as you went along?

Yeah, I did. I be singing now and shit.

Haha, rappers that sing.. I feel it. I feel it.

Whats your favorite song on this EP?

So far my favorite song is still Judge Judy.

We will be on the look out. What was your first song that got you recognized?

666 forever. 


How’d u link up with Software?

The guy that made the beat? He’s some kid I met on the Internet. He was talented. The beat was already on YouTube. It’s still on YouTube. I’m not gonna tell you what it’s called though.

And he found you?

I just followed him on twitter. I thought he was a rapper because I thought he made his own mixtapes. Then I found out the nigga didn’t rap but made beats.  

So what’s with you and Mad Decent?

I was just fucking around and emailed him. The same time I asked and tried to fuck around with him, Diplo was also trying to find out shit about me since my video “666 Forever” was on the site. 

You guys got them Florida vibes. Have all of your shows been in Florida?

Yeah mostly.

Where would you like to go for a tour if you could go anywhere?

Honestly, I would really like to go to Minnesota. 


Because I know a lot of kids that i know fuck with me there. That’s where a lot of my friends come from. 

It’s your first time in NY for a show right?

It’s actually my first time being here too.

So the first time I was really started listening to Jay-Z, I was getting off the buss and there was a CD still in its  cover faced down on the ground. I walked past and picked it up and it was the black album. I went home and just listened it. It was brand new. It was crazy. I wasn’t really into New York rap at all at that age. I just liked South shit.

Did that influence you?

A lot. 

What did you relate to? 

The beats got me first. And just like it was another pace. I liked punk shit. Whatever was hot back then. It was just different. I can’t say it changed me as a rapper because I wasn’t a rapper back then. Was just making beats at that point.

Do you come up with concepts and shit?

No not really. I kinda just be rapping. If something comes out of it, it just comes out I never try to find a story like that. For the song Cake for Bread, I was just hooked with this one phrase and create a whole track around it. I got out of jail this last time and Jules, Lil’ Internet told me about how I should make a song about how the jail experience made me feel. The verses aren’t about me being in jail at all but it’s just how I felt. Like I’m not going to waste my lyrics on that shit. When I’m not in jail no more.


Lets get intimate real quick.. Does anything make you nervous? Does performing make you nervous?

Hell yeah, but I think it’s a good thing you know what I’m saying? I get nervous a lot. 

Does love make you nervous? What do you think about love?

I think it’s sacred. It’s something I don't talk loosely about. 

Have you ever had a stalker?

Not because I rap though. I had ones back in high school and shit. A couple. 

How’d you know they were stalking you at first? 

They would come to my crib uninvited and shit. They weren’t crazy crazy. They were ugly as f.

Shower sex? Yes or no?

Yeah. Definitely

Lights on off? Both?

TV light. The shadows are good

So how has NY impressed you so far?

I could live here. I like that there’s a lot of shit going on. I come from a small ass town where no one does anything. I got into a lot of trouble because there was nothing really to do in a small town. There’s only so many clubs and bars. 

What was the craziest shit you saw in NY?

The dead guy at the train. He was dead. Blood coming out of his mouth and skull. He was dead. That was fucked up.