ANALISA TEACHWORTH; created by Analisa Teachworth.; created by Analisa Teachworth.

By Monica Rojas

Analisa Teachworth, alongside partner Slava, recently launched her newest endeavor: 4Real Global, a creative agency that designs and builds cutting edge websites and apps. The multimedia artist is currently in Russia, where she was invited by Moscow Coding School to give a lecture, "Shared Realities", as well as to lead a class on the importance of modern futurism and contemporary branding – something Teachworth has excelled in as an artist and has a multitude of work to show for it. As she explains it, digital channels lend a beautiful sense of control and community and allow you to affect more people. 

Before her trip, Teachworth greeted us into her bright Brooklyn apartment and poured us some hot tea. She invited us into her living room, where we sat and chatted on her perfectly salmon-colored couch. Below, she shares her uprise to artistry and why it drives her to do what she does.

"Making art has a lot to do with following my intuitions, which are strong and decisive. It also has a lot to do with doing it, even when I don't feel like it. The universe broke a little bit when I came up. Every birthday feels like a twisting crash. I believe that my fate was already sorted, I had my mind made up before I had words. I grew up doing a lot of performing in vail of my morose undertone. My kind of dark eye, heavy lid gazing made people where I am from (Detroit) very uneasy, not to mention my bizarre ambiguity. I spent lots of time in the woods, memories from here and there. 

I face everything head first, mostly the designs. I cannot reason what drives me to create them. There's usually no logic behind a production, I just feel something is a good idea and then go full force, but question everything. My ravenous desire to release ideas is what has given me the strength and courage to continue to work in the face of the negative.

I have this dark skin that holds lots of secrets, legitimate sensitivity to those who are damaged or suffer. I am affected by the experience of producing art in that, it's the only way I can meet any sort of reason. I spend a majority of my thoughts on improvement, everything I make stands as testament to my own hardships and recoveries. 

I feel very lucky to hold this kind of passion and ability for creating what I envision. Many assume that to title the self as 'artist' you have to produce works of specifics, paintings, sculptures. As I see it, my practice has more to do with what I have sacrificed in life to continue making versus what I produce as proof of my artistic integrity. 

Occasionally, people can express an idea that extends beyond their own conscious mind and create some art that is truly great, having effect on a massive amount of people; I hope one day I will accomplish something very large, so I just continue dreaming my biggest dreams." 

Although much of Teachworth's work has been in the form of video or live performance, she recently created beautiful, delicate sculptures made of various findings, entitled Club Fish Soda (below).